Review of IEC Material on Key Hygiene Messages for WASH

Dear WASH Colleagues,
Attached below please find a self explaintory e-mail from Dr. Wassaf Syed,WASH Officer UNICEF,14 - A Park Road University Town,Peshawar on the subject.
All the organizations are requested to share their responses with the Cluster focal point Amjad Hussain (Assisstant Coordinator WatSAN Cell/ LG & RDD) by COB Friday 02 March, 2012, (

Thanking you very much.

Amjad Hussain
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--- On Mon, 27/2/12, Wassaf Syed Kakakhel wrote
From: Wassaf Syed Kakakhel
Subject: Review of IEC Material on Key Hygiene Messages for WASH

Date: Monday, 27 February, 2012, 13:48
Dear Amjad,
As discussed, kindly circulate below email to all WASH Cluster colleagues in order to have maximum participation in developing standardize set of IEC material for promoting key hygiene behaviors.

Dear WASH Colleagues,

UNICEF is planning to review the existing IEC material that has been developed/utilized during IDP and flood emergency with the purpose to develop a standardized set of IEC material on WASH that can be used by all WASH cluster colleagues. As a primary step to this process, all WASH Cluster members are requested to kindly get feedback/responses from the hygiene promotion staff at field level on the existing IEC material with main focus on:
•To determine the extent to which the current IEC material meet the needs of intended target audience
•To assess how well current material are addressing specific health risks/threats and how well the material is perceived and persuasive among specific audience.

Organizations that had been using material (other than those developed by UNICEF) are also requested to share their feedback on the specific set of IEC material that has been declared effective in promoting key hygiene messages and bringing a positive behavior change within the specific audience. Soft copy or hard copy of that specific material would be helpful if shared along with the feedback template.

The criteria for assessing the effectiveness of IEC material should focus on the following three points: Distinctiveness, Credibility and Persuasiveness (See the details for specific point in the attached template that should be kept in mind while giving feedback).
It would be easier to group IEC materials according to key hygiene behaviors being promoted, i.e. toilet use and maintenance, hand washing, safe water handling/storage, food hygiene, environmental hygiene (waste), personal hygiene etc.

All the organizations are requested to share their responses with the cluster focal point Amjad Hussain (Assisstant Coordinator WatSAN Cell LGRDD) by COB Friday 02 March, 2012.

Looking forward for an effective/fruitful feedback.

(See attached file: IEC MATERIAL REVIEW TEMPLATE.docx)

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